The Self Care Movement. Are You In?

I don’t think that there is anything greater than a collective shift in consciousness that results in a collective win. This seems to be the current state of the self-care movement. I lose count of the number of times that I am nudged daily to engage in self-care. I particularly appreciate the various expressions of such…personal retreats, meal preps to support healthier lifestyles, weekly date nights and month-long sabbaticals to refresh and restore. It is all a part of the Self Care Movement. No matter the expression, the purpose is to balance the care of others by intentionally caring for self. It gives permission to many to add themselves to the list, to take position on the front burner.

No matter where you are in the movement, this article is designed to cheer you on further in the process. Let’s start with the basics, what is self-care? Self-care is the act of caring for yourself unapologetically. Simple enough? Yes. Easy? Not always. The fact that there is a movement sheds light to its necessity.

I find that the two most effective approaches to starting or progressing towards a goal is to take what I call a (1) presiding approach or a (2) holistic approach. The presiding approach focuses on the specific thing that is either not working, is ineffective or is the cause of pain. The latter is usually what gets the most focused attention. Experiencing back or neck pain from using your dining room table and chair as office equipment? The presiding approach to self-care might range from setting a timer to take stretch breaks at different intervals in your day to getting an ergonomic chair that is suitable for the height of your dining table, and thus relieving the pressure and pain.

The holistic approach focuses on mind, body, and spirit. This approach might include engaging in stretching motions, drinking more water to cleanse the cells, lubricating the joints, and taking a nap to reset (body), enjoying nature by taking breaks away from the office (spirit), doing a guided meditation to transition between major tasks (mind). Get the point? It’s not that holistic means doing more, it’s about extending care to all facets of yourself that might impact or be impacted as a result of minimal or non-existent care.

Oftentimes holistic care is about taking a moment to consider the possibility that what is presented is only the symptom of a greater need. No matter your approach, make a commitment to your self-care, you are so worth it.

Self-Care Playlist

Here are a few prompts to get you well on your way in your commitment to self-care…

  • Coffee/Tea Meditation

  • Read one chapter of a book each day

  • Engage in Gratitude daily

  • Eat/Drink something nourishing

  • Get a physical/Well Woman Exam

  • (Re)Fill a needed/overdue prescription

  • Take supplements/prescriptions consistently

  • Compliment yourself

  • Practice Forgiveness

  • Find your tribe

  • Get a massage

  • Be Gentle with yourself

  • Breathe/Release your breath

  • Move intentionally (walk, dance, swim, stretch, etc.)

  • Meditate/Pray/Find Stillness

  • Receive love

  • Laugh

  • Amp up your grooming routine

  • See a chiropractor

  • Prepare for bed

  • Employ a decluttering service

  • Get to sleep before midnight as often as possible

  • Make your bed (straighten the covers at least)

  • Hire a coach/counselor/therapist

  • Outsource work or tasks

  • Rest

  • Buy the shoes

  • Contract a personal chef

  • (Re) Activate a hobby

  • Create something

  • Engage in community

  • Pay your bills

  • Keep a journal

  • Use a planner

  • Sleep in/Wake up Earlier, Stay up later

  • Take a vacation (staycation)

  • Start/Finish the book

Don’t Hesitate, Start Today!

Use the space below to write down three (3) things that you will either kick start your self-care routine with or three things (3) things that you will do to amp up your self-care routine this week:

  1. ___________________________________

  2. ___________________________________

  3. ___________________________________

Gabrielle “Gabbe’ Smith

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