Magic Out of Mayhem

To say my life is full is an understatement. If you are reading this article, chances are your life is full as well. The mayhem of multitasking, competing priorities, making both work and life all happen can be overwhelming.

In many ways the pandemic has forced us to look at how we do life and work. While there are many aspects of this historic time that don’t seem favorable, one thing is for sure- it has given us the gift of being able to reframe our lives in such a way that brings forth opportunities to usher in more of what we want and less of what we don’t.

Over time I’ve learned that I must be intentional about not allowing the overwhelm to overtake me. The pandemic has ushered in consistent doses of uncertainty in ways that will have us thinking that uncertainty is normal. Here are some practical ways to turn all the mayhem into magic:

  1. Measure if it really matters- did you create a self-inflicted deadline? Have you over committed once again so people will think you work your fingers to the bone? Do you think that going the extra mile has to be a standard operating procedure? If any of this applies to you, chances are you are over functioning in ways that are wrapped up more in ego than outcomes. You are most likely curating some of the mayhem. Take a step back and determine what is actually important (which by the way if you have a list of twenty-five things- you are still operating in ego). If you want to turn mayhem into magic work on having a smaller list of what truly matters.

  2. Manage your “No”- It’s been said that the word “no” is a full sentence. Let’s take it a step further- no is a declaration, a strategic plan, a pipeline to magic. The mayhem that is manufactured in our lives is often because we don’t maintain boundaries and say yes when we darn sure know the answer should be a no. A yes when we don’t mean it is out of obligation and often worry that if we say no we won’t be liked or included or seen as nice. Those are not good enough reasons to generate unnecessary mayhem in your life, and it’s the quickest way to compromise your mental and often physical health. Make it a rule that you only participate in and are a part of activities that you give a genuine yes to.

  3. Make room for mercy- in a society that not only

perpetuates busyness but also perfectionism- if you want to turn mayhem into magic practice having mercy on yourself. It isn’t about perfection it’s about progress.

What about you? Have you slowed down long enough to examine how to reduce the mayhem in your life and bring about the magic? I invite you to be intentional about answering these questions in such a way that in a few months’ time you wished you had only done it sooner!

Pamela Benson Owens she/hers/her

CEO- Six Square

President/COO EOYS

Host of Rooted Podcast

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