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Early Bird Conference Rate - $197
After Pay is available at checkout. You can split your payment into 4 payments.


I had the opportunity to go to the Behind Her Brand Conference. It was so inspiring to see so many women get together that are leaders in their field from all walks of life and so many industries represented! It was refreshing to see many women stand up, share, engage, connect, and be authentic with each other. We were able to learn from each other, relax, find inspiration, and grow in a refreshing environment.! I made so many connections and am still talking to so many ladies from this event, months after it is over. That is the type of women that were at this event. I am genuinely excited about the next event that will happen!

Alisha Lindsey

Behind Her Brand Summit '24 is MORE than a Traditional  Conference.



  • Accasia's Event Venue

  • 351 Southwind Ln, Fairview, TX 75069

  • Event Venue is conveniently located off of U.S. 75 - Exit 37 on Stacy Rd


  • March 28th / 9:00am to 4:00pm

  • March 29th  / 9:00am  to 4:00pm


What to Expect

Business Strategies (marketing, branding, strategic systems development) / Career Development (scaling your leadership) / Building Wealth /  

Self-Care Strategies 

Our Speakers
World class speakers to motivate, challenge and inspire you. 
Leveraging the collective expertise and experiences of proven successful leaders
and business owners.

What To Expect

  • 2 Full days of interactive experiences

  • 2 Full days of working on the content being shared

  • Access to sessions with speakers and panel experts

  • Live "Hot Seats" ( these are always so fun and helpful )

  • Mindful networking

  • Light Lunch included

  • Connect with our sponsors

  • Plus so much more. We don't want to ruin some great surprises. 


Event Dates:

March 28th and March 29th

Recently,  I had the amazing opportunity to attend a Behind Her Brand Summit. It was fun to be able to learn from other successful women from all types of industries. Then we were all able to connect with each other without judgment, just encouragement! I walked away with so many new friends! This was my first time attending an event like this and it won't be my last!  Kimberly and Charles did a superb job putting this event together!  I'm incredibly thankful!

Rachel Dale

We have a seat for you!

Join us for two full days of immersion that will create space for you to focus on your plans and dreams; while having a great time meeting like-minded women.

"This was one of the most powerful events I have been to. The room was filled with supportive and encourating women. Everyone was there to grow their business and to help others grow too. I am extremely grateful for the fabulous speakers who shared their expertise, experience, and resources with us. "

Marcie Flowers

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