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Updated: Sep 13, 2021

I was once asked what I felt was the difference between a successful entrepreneur and those who never seem to really gain traction. That was a loaded question, and it gave me some pause. While there is a vast amount of reasons why someone may have more success than others; there are certain behaviors and decisions that successful entrepreneurs consistently make each day. It is those decisions that make the difference between success and repeated frustration. It makes the difference between gain and lack. Now the list below may not be new to you and that is okay. What I do want to challenge you on is asking yourself how are you doing in each area? You can gauge how well you are doing by the results and activity of your business.


You must be intentional about what you are doing, what you are communicating and how you are showing up. Being intentional is rooted in considering the impact of each interaction someone has with you. You must consider the impact or the repercussions of what you communicate, what you do and how you present yourself. The truth is that the perception of who you are and what your brand is about is grounded in what your intentions communicate. Are you being perceived as a taker, giver, fake, or real? How your audience sees you is how they will engage with you.

Intentional client focused experiences are not shaped by accidents - they happen on purpose. Are you creating memorable experiences or regrettable moments with your clients? Make every interaction - no matter how great or small - matter. Every interaction matters. Every word spoken matters. Each interaction forms an experience that will either be memorable or regrettable.


I find many times those who are struggling add so much to their plate without really focusing on making their brand grow. When you are focused, your perception is sharpened, your memory recall is stronger, your problem-solving skills are enhanced, your ability to think is heightened and you can cultivate more depth to the work that you do. When you lack focus, you lack growth. You become a magnet for distractions that will stall you, redirect you and often derail you. Lack of focus breeds frustration.


If you want to be great at what you do, you must decide to be great at knowing your audience. If you don't know them, spend time with them, talk to them or engage with them on a consistent basis; learn how can you lead, mentor or help your audience? To be a leader in your field you must see what their needs are and you must see what you know your audience may need. If your audience is not responding or consistently reaching out you, then it validates that you must gain a greater sense of knowing what they need. Know them so well that no matter what you create, they are drawn to it.


You must have a certain level of tough skin to really break through the noise and become a leader in your space. You will and should have ups and downs in your business. However, you must cultivate a relentless desire to stay in pursuit of the goal in front of you. Grit is having mental toughness and this is something that can be developed over time.


Many of the most influential and inspiring business leaders and thought leaders are not afraid to share their disappointments and their wins. They know and embrace that the best lessons are learned after weathering various obstacles. Additionally, a common trait with many successful entrepreneurs is that they are not afraid to ask for help. If you are struggling or need help – ask. It is important to ask for the help you need. If you are not where you want to be say that. If you need certain resources, ask. Be open and transparent.


They never rest in learning. They keep sharpening their skills and expertise. Successful entrepreneurs tend to have a thirst for wanting to keep growing and challenging themselves and this occurs when you have greater knowledge. Personally, I never want to talk about the same content, month after month or year after year. I want to keep challenging myself to stretch and go beyond where I am today. Challenge yourself to keep stretching your knowledge so that you can grow and you can grow those who are seeking your assistance.

Each day you must decide how you want to show up.

  • Are you going to be intentional?

  • Will you be focused and committed to not allowing distractions to hinder you?

  • Will you commit to really learning more about your craft versus using information from years past?

These daily decisions lead to daily results and traction in your business.

Blog Written By: Kimberly DeShields-Spencer

(Reprinting / Copying the Material is prohibited.)

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