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Developing Your Creative Capital: Using a Banana and an Orange

Updated: Jun 4

When I hear someone say they are not creative, I immediately want to show them that we all have a sense of creativity in us. I truly believe that we each have various outlets that allow our creativity to flow. You may struggle in finding creativity as it relates to your business, however when you tap into what you are creative in, you can translate that to your brand. You may be great at scrapbooking, creating new basketball plays, painting, coming up with new recipes, and the list can go on and on

Creative thinking is a state of mind that enables you to approach tasks, problems, and situations with openness.

Let’s look at a Banana:

     When was the last time you ate a banana from the wrong end? Probably never, because no matter how hard you try to peel a banana from the stem you can’t. I tried just to see if it was possible. As I thought about how it can relate to branding, I had an ‘aha moment’. Some of your best ideas come from thinking about your brand, your clients and your services in a completely new and non-traditional way. When you need to generate fresh ideas, look at everything you offer and your solutions from a creative approach. How can you add new elements to how you approach a situation? How can you reframe the solutions for your clients?

     One of the greatest things I do to grow is to learn from other industries. Why? It provides a fresh perspective on how I can approach solutions. Consider getting inspiration from new sources.

Peel back all the layers you can to reach a solution and seek new perspectives. Write all the layers you can and don’t worry about what is wrong or right about what you write. Just write and then sift through the solutions that best fit your audience.

Let’s look at an Orange:


    When was the last time you could peel an orange in one swift move? Like the banana, you probably haven’t done that. With an orange, you have to keep peeling off the skin in small chunks that cause you to pause and focus on the action of peeling back the skin. So how does this relate to

your business?

     There are two things peeling an orange can do to help facilitate the creativity process. First, look at how you are disseminating information to your clients and in your marketing. Are you offering step by step solutions? Small bite sized value nuggets that they can implement immediately?

    Second, it gives you the Power of the Pause. We operate our businesses at lightning speed, and we often don't pause long enough to allow innovation to take place. It is a struggle to be creative when you are constantly operating at high speed. Enjoy more moments of pause so you can look at things from a relaxed frame of mind.

Remember: Thinking creatively is a state of mind that enables you to approach tasks, problems, and situations with openness.

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