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Why ALIGNMENT (+ Elevation) Are The Essential Keys For Women Entrepreneurs in 2024

Updated: Jun 4

Written By: Joy Chudacoff

I believe there are many women that are not living their full potential with an internal compass pointed to a higher calling (yes, it is possible). This article is a call out for every woman to ALIGN with what matters most and ELEVATE to their next level of GREATNESS to feel fully alive & live intentionally in peace, joy, hope and abundant prosperity. As women in leadership, it is vital that we model to the people in front of us what’s possible.

Sounds good, right? I feel a warm, energetic current run through my veins when I read the above paragraph.

My own personal journey as a woman entrepreneur for the last 33+ years has taught me a tremendous amount about what it means to ALIGN with what matters most and why NOW is the time.

Choosing to go on a journey that delivers you to your higher calling while feeling fully alive with joy, peace, hope and prosperity is more important than ever.

The world is craving leaders like you who want to serve at their highest calling.

Let me share with you why peace, joy, hope and prosperity eludes us, what you can do to ALIGN & ELEVATE for your next level of GREATNESS and how to create an easy, enjoyable practice that will support & guide you.

There are three reasons why we don’t easily align with our hearts desire and elevate into action that will take us there:

  • Great Expectations – as women, we have been burdened with the overwhelm of "multi-tasking" which has kept us playing small (not to mention bone tired). Society demands a lot from us. Here’s the deal; if you are to truly live into your greatness, your genius, your Superpower, your ALIGNED & ELEVATED self, it's time to ask yourself a couple of questions:

What is your calling in this season of life and/or business?

When you look at the impact you really want to make for the rest of your life, what does that look like?

  • Digital Distraction – the thief of genius. We are living in a time where there is more information available to us than any other generation in history. Yet, we are more confused than ever. We feel overwhelmed as "news" comes flying across our digital devices. Time flies when we're rolling (I mean scrolling). What's the affect from this: irritability, restlessness, emotional numbness, loss of alignment with what matters most, isolation, frustration and lack of clear thinking?

  • Hidden Triggers - using my own life as a mirror while coaching & consulting hundreds of women

over the last 19 years, I have found there are hidden triggers that sabotage our next level of Greatness, our ALIGNMENT & ELEVATION into a life of peace, joy, hope and prosperity. What might a few of those be? Fear comes to mind right away. Tolerations is high on the list. Tolerations trigger us in small, silent ways. We tend to miss the impact tolerations and they can increase stress to alarming levels. Are you tolerating a disorganized office which can zap your creativity levels? Do you tolerate a client’s tardiness to your scheduled appointments? How about a team member that continues to deliver less than A+ work on important projects?

Whether it's the Great Expectations of others, drowning in digital distraction or suffering in silence from hidden triggers, you can begin to see how any one of these can prevent you from Aligning & Elevating your mind, body, soul + spirit for your next level GREATNESS.

How do we as women entrepreneurs move beyond these obstacles to live a life feeling fully alive, making the impact we’re here to make? How do we live into our calling?

You decide to make new choices. Notice I didn’t say “add more to your day." It’s about letting go of what isn’t working and committing to a few simple daily practices that will release the magic in your soul, the gift that only you have that will make your unique impact in the world.

When you choose to slow down, take a deep breath, put your digital devices away and let your heart slow down, you begin to allow the quiet voice of your spirit to guide you, Align you and Elevate you to your next level of GREATNESS.

Over the last 30 months, I’ve gone on a journey to uncover what I call “Align With The Power 9 Life Changing Practices” that leave me feeling fully alive with peace and joy. I want this for you too. These practices will catapult you to being the leader I know you are destined to be.

  • Silence & Stillness: We begin here because we want to lay a foundation for Spirit to work with you. This is a dedicated period of time set aside to stop & focus on your thought life. Thoughts are the first place we can and must begin to change. Your ultimate freedom is the power to select what you allow your mind to dwell upon. Get comfortable with riding in the car without the radio, take a walk and put your phone on silencer only using it for an emergency.

  • Solitude: This is the key element to allow Spirit to work its magic - the perfect soil for Spirit to plant the seeds that will harvest in your next level. Commit to a block of time where you immerse yourself in the process of being alone. Giving yourself the space to hear what's calling you without all the distractions of daily life. Solitude can be experienced a few hours up to a few weeks (I've just completed a seven-day solo solitude retreat in the mountains).

  • Awareness: Morning Ritual - a grounding ritual upon awakening. Before you give the outside "noise" of the world permission to invade your thought space, begin with a morning ritual (this one practice prepares me to meet the demands of the day at my highest level of power & peace). Your ritual can last as little as 15 minutes up to one hour using stillness, journaling, prayer, meditation, or any process that grounds, anchors and aligns you.

  • Movement: My physical therapist has always said, "motion is the lotion." The body craves movement every day and just 30-minutes can extend the health of your life, release healthy endorphins that promote those feel-good vibes in your mind and soul. Movement of any kind is great, and the key is to schedule it into your calendar with consistency.

  • Fuel: To feel fully alive and prepared for your next level of greatness, nutrition & hydration plays an essential role. Your mind & body are the vehicle to your next level of Greatness. It's going to

Transport and Elevate you. You want to consume enough water and fuel your body with nutrients that will sustain you for the exciting journey ahead.

  • Sleep: This is when the body heals, strengthens, and prepares you for the impact you're ready to make every day. Aim for 8 hours every night. I recommend creating a "power down" ritual at least two hours before bedtime to prepare the body & mind for a restful sleep.

  • Simplicity: Embracing the value of living an uncomplicated life, getting crystal clear on what matters most and creating an environment that supports where you’re headed. Less is more here.

  • Prosperity: When you begin to implement the other seven Power Practices and get crystal clear on what matters most, you will steer your money mindset & abundant thoughts in a completely new positive cash flow direction.

  • Community: Last but certainly not least, in order to live an ELEVATED life, one that is ALIGNED with what matters most, it is essential that you surround yourself with other nutritious, positive humans who desire to live into their GREAT ELEVATION. Seek out those people who want the next “season” of their life to be elevated, aligned, and living with intention.

Creating any type of new habit isn’t easy. We get comfortable with our way of life, the way we’ve always done things.

If you truly crave living an intentional life, one that boosts your business, strengthens your mind, body, soul + spirit, you’ll want to consider adopting one or all of the 9 Life Changing Power Practices.

Let me help you. I have just released a complimentary 20-page guide, The Great Elevation: Fueled by Faith, Freedom and the Path to Living Fully Alive. This is my own personal 30-month journey traveling from a place of feeling spiritually empty with a hollow soul to today, feeling fully alive, aligned and at peace in my body, mind, soul + spirit.

This is my own personal 30-month journey traveling from a place of feeling spiritually empty with a hollow soul to today, feeling fully alive, aligned and at peace in my body, mind, soul + spirit.


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