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Introverts Must Know Their Worth

Written By: Evelyn Johnson

There was a moment in my life around my twenties where someone that was much older than I had approached me and directly asked “why are you so stuck-up!” This question took me by surprise, I felt ambushed. I was shocked! And a bit hurt. I did not know how to respond back at that moment to that person, out of respect for our age differences, because I was raised to respect your elders. When I finally spoke up, I told the person that I am not stuck up, that I am just quiet, you just need to get to know who I am. This did not only happen once, but it occurred a second time from another person (I found out later those two knew each other). It piqued my curiosity to find out the meaning of the word stuck-up and according to Stuck up | English meaning - Cambridge dictionary. (n.d.-b)., it states, “too proud and considering yourself to be very important” or other word “self-important.” Now, I knew I was an especially important person (smile), but never a stuck-up individual. This was not a named characteristic of mine. Shortly after that incident while standing in the checkout line, there was a magazine title that stood out, it stated, “Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?” I knew then that I needed this magazine. I purchased the magazine because I was intrigued to know whether I was an introvert or extrovert. This information could specifically direct me in the right direction and prove that I was not a “stuck-up” person. I was determined to know what traits that I beheld. After reading the articles it became clear that I leaned more toward being an introvert. In addition, as I continue to research being an introvert, and learn that there are more introverts in the world like me, and there are even famous introverts. I thought this was cool, who knew! As more research continued, there were massive articles about introverts and another article stated, “that introverts are better at listening and are great leaders.”


Now, there are dictionary definitions all over the internet of what the meaning of an introvert is, however, here is how it is stated according to the WebMd. (n.d.), “An introvert is a person with qualities of a personality type known as introversion, which means that they feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and ideas, rather than what is happening externally. They enjoy spending time with just one or two people, rather than large groups or crowds.” I had an “aha moment” to find out that I could identify with being an introvert instead of labeled as stuck-up. For years as an introvert there has been a deep longing for me to allow the internal voice inside the mind to speak and for the inside voice to be heard externally. I am sure there are introverts that experience the lack of ability to express themselves verbally at times. I can speak personally from experience, for me lacking the ability to express myself was challenging. However, I managed to challenge expressing myself verbally by practicing speaking aloud, and not allowing the inside voice to speak silently inside the mind. Also, I encourage individual introverts to stand in front of a mirror to speak up, and outwardly with confidence. It is just like learning how to ride a bike or learning how to play the piano. You must practice, you may have heard the saying, “that practice makes perfect.” Well practicing does work; I know personally that I had to do this to overcome the fear of expression with my voice. I encourage all introverts to enroll in a speech class dealing with public speaking, to help them to be able to stand before an audience with confidence. I will not tell anyone to do something that I have not done myself. I took the challenge personally and enrolled in a speech class. This was the turning point in this introverted journey of mine. Do I experience getting nervous? Yes, who does not experience getting nervous before going in front of an audience to speak. Shortly after completing my speech classes and completing my first co-authored book. I received an invitation to speak at an employee training session meeting at a major corporation, to discuss the first book that I had co-authored. I was excited! Let me tell you I was not ready for that opportunity to come so quickly. However, you better believe that I was ready and confident to speak to the group, after taking those classes. I had really gotten tired of being a silent, quiet introvert. However, I still have my moments, but I feel like I have progressed further in being more expressive than I ever was. I am sure if I had not taken those speech classes, my introverted self would have declined the speaking offer. I remembered as an introvert we can quickly withdraw to the silence in the mind to talk us out of a fantastic opportunity. However, you must have the strong will to override the silent voice and speak aloud so that there will never be any more missed opportunities ever!

What were the traits or signs that I experienced like being an introvert, and remember all introverts are not the same. I was a creative thinker; I would find myself constantly producing great ideals; but did not know how to express them to become reality. I was a great listener throughout my journey, and people would express, “that I had helped them arrive at a resolution after our conversation.” And yes, I knew that I had a leader inside of myself and knew that if I had the opportunity that I know I would be great.

Sometimes being an introvert makes you feel like you are the only one marching to the beat of one drum as an introvert. You may feel like no one understands who I am. It is enough to fit into society at times, but to be the quiet silent person in the room does not help as well when it is time to socialize or to be sociable. Let us just think how thousands of introverts could have been tagged individuals for being awkward and felt ostracized, because of their silence. The introverts are in a crowd, and silently struggling thinking how to exit the room due to a crowd; just to escape to a quiet secure place to recharge.

There have been introverts that have come before us that have already paved the way for us introverts, and we need to peek into their lives to see how they overcame being an introvert and find out what has helped them to become who they are. Yes, there are other famous introverts that have crossed the threshold of being known as introverts. I am not sure when they discovered or became aware they were an introvert. I am sure you can read their biographies and pick it up in their stories. And to know that there are famous past and present introverts should give us great hope to know if they made a mark on the world by being an introvert, then so could you. We know there is quite a lengthy list of famous introverts, but we listed the names below as mentioned by 23 of the most amazingly successful introverts in history. (n.d.) stated as follows:

  1. “Albert Einstein

  2. Rosa Parks

  3. Bill Gates

  4. Steven Spielberg

  5. Sir Isaac Newton

  6. Elenor Roosvelt”

I know these individuals you have heard about in your learning or in world history, it is great to know we have examples of introverts that are famous from which we can learn. We encourage you to research these individuals for yourselves; to know if they could be successful and make an impact on the world by being an introvert, then you can do the same.

There will always be introverts in our society, however, as introverts, we must know our worth in life. We must know what contributions we can make in this world. Do not forget there are famous introverts that you can find on the internet, which we provided names in this article for your personal research. There are introverts who are labeled as being too quiet and stigmatized as being a loner or as being strange. There are introverts that will be bullied for just being an introvert. Even on occasions people have said to me “She’s too quiet,” “You know you must watch the quiet ones,” or “You know you have to keep your eyes on the quiet ones.” Once I knew that I was an introvert, those remarks did not bother me as much anymore. If you can get through the noise of the inside voice and learn to speak more outwardly. You will begin to gain courage and confidence as an introvert, there is nothing wrong with us. We sometimes need our space to create, think, plan, strategize or need a quiet space to recharge our energy that is okay. As an introvert you control your destiny in how to live and love to be who you are. Remember introverts are destined for greatness because we are good listeners and can be great leaders. Just know introverts that you have worth! And when you are ready your greatest will shine through.

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