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7 Critical Marketing Areas You Need to Have In Place To Be Successful

Updated: Jun 4

In business, there are 7 critical areas of marketing every business must have in place. Think of it as your “Marketing Wheel.” to have your business run smoother, be less stressful, less time-consuming and excel faster, you must have all the spokes in place and balanced.

Through our members' generous sharing of their successes, we discovered that these extremely successful business owners each have 7 critical marketing areas (i.e. spokes) in your wheel and consistently have them working at their maximum potential.

These 7 critical areas are:

  • A market that is hungry to consume your message…and your product or service. (Too often entrepreneurs build a business around no market.)

  • A marketing message that grabs your prospects and gets them to read your marketing materials, blogs, ads, and other related marketing pieces.

  • A system for increasing the lifetime customer value (LCV) of each customer, client or patient. (This is not about getting a client but retaining them!)

  • A system for reaching more customers that don’t make purchasing decisions based on price.

  • A lead generation machine that never leaves you wondering where your next customer, client or patient is coming from.

  • Offline strategies for getting your marketing message in front of your customers.

  • Online strategies for siphoning more leads and sales to your business.

Take a minute to honestly rate yourself on each of the spokes of your marketing wheel—with 1 being not existent and 10 being outstanding. For example, if you don’t have a system for reaching customers (who don't focus on cost but rather value) then you would rate yourself a 1 or if you have tried reaching out to the this market, but don’t have a system that consistently works, then you might rate yourself a 5.

This will not only help you determine where you are weakest and can improve the most, but it will also show you whether you are balanced. For instance, if you rate yourself a 10 on offline strategies but a 1 on online strategies, you can’t experience a thriving business.

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