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Behind Her Brand is a lifestyle and leadership network of women with a purpose of commitment to support, celebrate, connect, and curate diversity of thought and approaches to drive change for the modern professional woman. Our inclusive community comprises a powerful array of female CEOs, business owners, nonprofit leaders, changemakers, trailblazers, and visionaries who share our goal of championing YOU as you build and grow alongside us. 

We believe that every woman has a story, and within that story are life lessons, nuggets of wisdom, insights, processes, and practices that inform her success. We’d love for you to add your story to the tapestry of others that make up the rich fabric of the Behind Her Brand Community experience-where women connect in sisterhood, accountability, and learning from each other.  


Who would be changed by my story? 

And we’d answer: The person who’s waiting for you to share it.  

But there’s more! We boast a wealth of things for you to experience as a part of the BHB Community; from our magazine to our podcast and video series, and even our annual summit and gala where real women in business come together to be celebrated for who they are, challenged to grow, and called into greater actuality. 


This magazine was crafted with you in mind and is all about you.

Your story holds significance.

Your journey is valuable.

Your knowledge and life experiences are meant to be conveyed.


We are eager to tell your story and document your journey. Through our magazine, video series, and podcast, we bring your narrative to life.


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